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Title: Air Quality Monitoring IGG Campaign
Post by: radhoo on December 09, 2017, 08:38:59 am
Hi Guys,

I recently launched an indieGogo campaign dubbed  "Uniform Data - Uniform Rights"  around an IOT Air Quality Monitor that I developed, the uRADMonitor A3.
The purpose is to offer double perks where one gets to the backer and the other to a location with pollution issues. So think of it of some kind of collaborative effort to tackle the environmental issues.

The A3 is a compact unit, with multiple sensors to measure: temperature, pressure, humidity, VOC, CO2, Formaldehyde, Particulate Matter PM2.5 and Ionising Radiation. A pump ensures an active airflow across the sensing elements. Here's a diagram of one of the previous iterations:

There are 4 connectivity options, but on IndieGogo I am offering the two most popular: Ethernet or Wifi . So you can use one of these to have the measurements go online, so you can see them as charts and do various stats on them.

Finally the link is here: (

Please check it out, and support my effort if you find it useful. Also any hints on how to improve either the campaign, its message or the hardware itself are welcome!

Radu out.
Title: Re: Air Quality Monitoring IGG Campaign
Post by: newbadboy on December 15, 2017, 09:54:37 am
Looks like a great product for municipalities and so. Wish you good luck.