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Aspiring electrical engineer!

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This guy wants some dosh to get an oscilloscope.

What the fuck is this indigogo stuff.
 I try sending a message.
You need to signup first.
I sign up.
 Send message.
You can only send message to a user you are connected through a project..

So how do i do that. I hate these shit sites that make you jump through hoops for something simple.

Yes, I've heard Indiegogo sucks arse like that.
I think this is the guy on Twitter

At least the kid is honest, and not trying to sell something that he couldn't possibly ever make.  Sadly, about a month ago I ended up tossing an old analog scope that would have gotten him started. I'll have to try and contact him to see if there is anything else he could use. He's up in Ottawa, which is not too far from me, so shipping a box of my old stuff to him wouldn't cost much. I'll also try and hook him up with a local hacker/maker space, which could be a great resource for him, bot for tools, and for learning.

I have a problem when people stick their hand out and say "poor me... someone please help me".

First, you can get a USB Oscilloscope for under $30 including shipping.  There is also an AVR based on for $35 with its own LED screen for $35, including shipping.  On his Twitter feed, he talks about going to this or that concert, and he's talking about buying various parts on eBay and such.  So he must have some source of $$.  If a 'scope is important enough to ask strangers for, it's important enough to sell some personal possessions for or ask family members for a small loan for.

And finally, if he is 25yrs old, does he have a job?  Why not take a second part time job to earn extra money?  Or go out and scare up a job.  When we were kids, we'd go around the neighborhood asking people if we could mow their lawn, or wash their car, or do any chores for a small amount of $$.  I bet there are some family members or friends that need some wood chopped, or a fence installed, or gardening done, or gutters cleaned, etc.

Sorry if I sound unsympathetic... but I got my first job delivering newspapers when I was 11 years old, and I've been constantly employed since then - with the only gap being 2 months of summer vacation when I finished high school but before university - and I had plenty of $$ in the bank to enjoy that summer and pay for all my books and college stuff.


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