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Batteroo is still around and fulfilling orders… Kind of

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Tl;dr: ordered a couple packs of Batteroos, eventually got them after a month and extra hassle

So I have remote control that could use the technology (due to having overly sensitive low battery indicator that makes it annoying to use). I couldn’t tell for sure if Batteroo  was still open, their website is up and they have a notice about not shipping outside of the US due to the Rona, etc.

Anyway, I figured for the price would be fun to get a pack of AAA and a pack of AA to play with and find some thing I could use it on and if all else fails, I would only be out 24 bucks.

Long story short, they sent me a receipt immediately after I ordered, and I never heard from them again. I sent them an email after a couple weeks, and then a voicemail after I think one more.

After a full month had gone by with no updates or replies, I gave up and called my card company and filed a dispute on the charge. That was on a Friday, and the following Wednesday I received my Batteroos, postmarked that Monday. (in a plain manila envelope addressed by hand in sharpie marker, complete with  at least one spelling error…)

So anyway that’s my story, your results may vary. I haven’t had a lot of chance to use them yet, but they do seem to do what we expect, at least they make the low battery indication go away. But they are slightly longer than my in AAA eneloop rechargeables and are very difficult to put into the two devices I’ve tried them on so far.

Quick update- the Batteroos make the remote that I bought them for, not work  ::)…. But I don’t think that would be common. I’m guessing they put out some RF noise from the switching, and my medical remote uses iirc in the tens of kHz to communicate. It just makes some beeping error noises instead of controlling the implant, when the Batteroos are jammed into it.

If I get some extra time/energy, I’m tempted to try the old scope-probe-antenna trick to see how loud they are vs the DUT…. Hmmm

What is the model of the remote?
Have you looked at the circuitry inside.

Batteroo never fulfilled their Indiegogo campaign for their "ReBoost" product, intended for NiMH rechargeable cells. The campaign was made into InDemand, allowing them to continue to accept orders after the end date. They went silent after their last update in March 2020, over 3 years ago. The campaign was eventually closed, leaving all contributors and InDemand buyers empty handed.


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