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Title: BreadShield campaign is live! Pre-order from $7, w/ free US shipping.
Post by: forrestbao on May 16, 2019, 01:24:10 am
Hi all,

The BreadShield's campaign is now live on Crowd Supply. (

Pledges start as low as $7 for a kit, including free US shipping.

What is BreadShield?

BreadShield is a shield that maps Arduino pins to breadboard ties without jumper wires. It inserts into both of them, firmly bridging them together mechanically and electrically.


Compared with jumper wires (the de facto way to connect Arduino and a breadboard), BreadShield is cleaner, faster, and can be used in conjunction with shields.


If you have any questions or suggestions (we can still make changes to the design), feel free to fill out this form at (