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Hello All,

"Kickstarter Project Launched"

A Common Shield for Raspberry Pi & Arduino Uno with Motor Drivers, RTC, Temp, IR Sensors, IMU & 2 Cell 7.4 V Li-ion Battery Charger.

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign called "BRIDGE SHIELD" A Common Shield for Raspberry Pi & Arduino Uno.

It is a shield which  has 10 DOF IMU, an RTC,Temperature sensor, an IR Sensors, two DC Motor Drivers, one servo motor driver which can control upto 8 motors, 2 Cell 7.4 V Li-ion Battery Charger & many more features. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi B,B+ and Raspberry Pi 2.

This board can be a basic building block for  Tinkers, Hobbyist, Geeks,Researchers and students in order to develop their project with ease.

You can use it to create Robots or use it for your Home Automation. You can help us by backing us or by sharing our kickstarter project with your family and friends and you can also provide us your valuable feedback.Thank you.?

Using this board we have shown some live applications like

Internet Controlled Robot
Building a UPS for pi
Wireless Camera
Home Automation Server

Bridge Shield Features

 :)10 DOF IMU (Accelerometer, Gyro, Magneto, Baro).
 :)Two cell 7.4V Lithium Ion battery charger with led and signal pins to monitor battery charge status.
 :)RTC with coin cell backup provision.
 :)Open 5V-3.3V bidirectional voltage level converter. 
 :)Level Shifting for SPI, I2C, UART between Arduino Uno & Raspberry Pi.
 :)Temperature Sensor.
 :)Dual Bridge motor driver which can drive motors up to 1Amp.
 :)8 channel Servo Motor Diver which works on I2C.
 :)Attiny85 micro-controller loaded with Arduino boot loader.
 :)IR Sensor for wireless remote control.
 :)USB to UART converter.
 :)Single input source of 12V which power Pi and Arduino Uno.
 :)One variable voltage regulator of 3A.
 :)5V/3A voltage regulator.
 :)3.3V/1A voltage regulator.
 :)Intensity variable LED controlled through I2C.
 :)Header for ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module. 
 :)Header for HC-05 Bluetooth Module.
 :)Its mechanical construction makes it compatible with most of the stack able Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi shields.

Best Regards
Armtronix Team

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Re: Bridge Shield A common Shield for Raspberry Pi & Arduino UNO
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2015, 09:47:54 pm »
Hello All,

I would like to explain why this project came in to existence

The Initial Spark

Our favourite boards, the Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi are both required in most automation projects but there are cases where only one of them will do. The problem was that each of them have different shields and both of them operate at different voltage levels.

We often faced lot of issues with multiple voltage levels, too many adapters & regulators in almost all our projects. 

We also realized that in many instance we do require some basic add on boards like RTC, Temperature sensor, IMU etc. Adding many add-on board clutters your board and makes it difficult to debug. Not just this you even need to take care of the mounting of these boards. 

Many tinkerers use motors as actuators specially in a robotic application and in case your application is mobile it needs a battery along with it you also need a charging circuit so these addition keep on complicating the system with lot of wires and consumes lot of space. 

Keeping these points in mind we started developing the shield called the "Bridge Shield" where we have addressed most of the points mentioned above.

Thank You
Armtronix Team


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Re: Bridge Shield A common Shield for Raspberry Pi & Arduino UNO
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2015, 06:20:49 pm »
Announcement: ""Happy to give ARDUINO UNO with the every Bridge shield reward"" #BridgeShield Batman(#Arduino) & Superman(#RaspberryPi) will love it. Can be used to build Robotics and Iot applications.

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