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Control RC Servos with the PlayStation 4 Controller
« on: January 18, 2018, 07:01:51 am »
Hello Everyone,
A few years ago I was building myself an RC toy and ended up making a general purpose servo controller for the PS3 controller that is easy to drop into any project.

I made a new version that uses the PS4 controller and can control 12 servos and 18 digital outputs.  It has all of the common servo adjustment options built-in (sensitivity, trim, travel range, etc.), so no programming experience is required for most applications.  You can also use it as an Arduino shield, and have the Arduino read the PS4 controller inputs and control the servos and digital outputs if you want to do something complicated.

It's all open source, and all the documentation (user's manual, schematic, firmware, PCB design files) can be found here: 

I figured I'd build some boards before I move on to my next project, so I launched a Kickstarter last weekend.  If I hit the funding goal I'll build the boards, if not...then you build it!

I did a lot of testing and everything checks out so far, but it's not too late to pull the plug on it, so if you find a mistake in the circuit, please let me know!

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