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Crowd funding platform which is international
« on: November 10, 2021, 01:24:30 pm »

I plan to do a big project in sometime next year (still in development), but I don't and won't have near enough money for it. Thus decided that crowd funding is the only way it can happen.

However, I am from Jordan and we are not supported as creators in kickstarter, indiegogo, or crowdsupply (also, project is not open source for this one). Searched but couldn't find a way.

So do you guys know a way it can happen?

The product will be a video scaler device which is capable of outputting up to 4k60. It takes all analog video formats (cvbs, s-video, component ypbpr, rgb scart, and rgbhv vga) and hdmi input (up to 4k60) + dvi input (up to 1200p or so)... then scales or downscales them to any resolution from 240p up to 4k60. it has 2 independent digital outputs plus one analog video output.

it is made for gaming application (especially retro gaming, similar to framemeister) but works for everything else.

The price to make one product is about 500$ assuming 100 quantity, so selling it for 700$ is the minimum I can do. even at 700$, most people won't be willing to get it since there are cheaper devices which can do 1080p\1440p very well so no need for 4k for them.

4k60 scalers only exist from Extron and they have quarter the features and triple the price at this moment. So I figured 700-800$ could attract people to get it.

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