Author Topic: Crowd Supply: Precursor - Open Hardware, RISC-V, Mobile Dev Platform  (Read 860 times)

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Surprised no one has posted this yet. Blackberry like mobile platform meant to allow open source development of highly secure systems with the claim of "evidence-based trust" as the core development principle. Crucially, based on FPGAs which is meant to allow the deepest possible level of trust by allowing user accessibility down to the silicon-ish level. Only interfaces appear to be copper serial connections and Wifi so no GSM or LTE connectivity.

Notably Bunnie is the one behind this project.

$112k raised out of $220k as of posting this.
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Re: Crowd Supply: Precursor - Open Hardware, RISC-V, Mobile Dev Platform
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2021, 07:06:11 pm »
Yes! Incredible stuff i think, 400k raised of 220k goal at the end,
maybe i looked over it but, will this be one run and that's all?

Like the Novena from bunnie, only the board is for sale now, not the whole laptop. (and that raised ~780k out of 250k)
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