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Did they photoshop the matlab spectrum graph?!?! Notice how nicely 'stacked' the data is. I really doubt the electric leaf blower is louder than the gas leaf blower. Also, the RC copter spectrum cuts out at the peak of the quadcopter spectrum.

Oh yeah that's photoshopped. There will be huge spike in the higher frequency due to the ESC pwm freq. Overall the project makes sense, but you're not going to really get an advanced warning. Copter flies within a 100ft of you and your alarm starts going off... well of course you're going to know that there's a 'drone' nearby.


--- Quote from: cybergibbons on May 07, 2013, 07:34:31 am ---I don't get why you'd want to detect Xbee?

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Most of the drones that cause concern are the larger ones that people build to carry dslr cameras and whatnot. Xbees are popular to use as modems since they are super simple and can have huge range.


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