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The overall project is :palm: Comments are not allowed on the indiegogo site, and comments are disabled on youtube.

"Help Wanted. Lab assistant. Hard working moronic drone needed to assist genius with experiments." <- it might be for use by that kind of people  ;D

At first I thought they were going to make a radio receiver that looks for typical RC transmitter signals. That actually might work (with numerous false positives strengthening user paranoia)  Then i saw the operation diagram  :palm:

I don't think it would be difficult at all to make an xbee scanner. Have a micro cycle through all the channels and look for serial chat, then see if it's ardupilot chat.

But i don't know how well it would work if the drone xbees were using encryption. And you'd need 2.4ghz S1, 2.4ghz S2, 900mhz to really cover the xbees.

I'd imagine that military drones would use reserved radio bands. This looks to be using audio to detect them; I'm not sure how this works at long distances (if at all?)


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