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EEZ Bench Box 3 - Sequel to EEZ H24005

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I would just like to let you know that the opportunity for existing customers from Crowd Supply campaigns to be promoted from Customer to Backer role on our web store ends by the end of this month (i.e. in a few days). Registration link:

When register please contact us via Support ticket (My account tab), email, contact form or Discord.


The EEZ BB3 firmware version 1.7 has been released. As before, you can find instructions for the firmware upgrade in Chapter 13.

In this version, 42 published issues (fixes and improvements) have been resolved thanks in large part to your feedback and suggestions. We would highlight the following features:

* Support for three new modules: PREL6, MUX14D and MIO168 in combination with AFE3 expansion board.
* Simple function generator that can be activated on power modules (DCP and DCM) as well as on SMX and MIO. One of the interesting options is the ability to generate half- and full-rectified waveform on a DCP module which can be used to simulate rectified AC mains for testing the final stage of power supply, battery charger, etc. Set voltage go up to 80 V and current up to 10 A if two coupled DCP modules are used.
* Modified Data logger (DLOG) that now accepts more than 4 signals, sampling speeds over 1 KSPS and operation with mixed signals (analog and digital). Furthermore, it is possible to insert bookmarks (via PC or UART port on the front panel) using SCPI commands during data logging.
* UART support: it is now possible to communicate with BB3 using the DIN1/DOUT1 pins on the front panel. Three modes are supported: Buffer, SCPI and Bookmark. in SCPI mode, it is possible for an external device (another BB3 or D.U.T.) to directly control the BB3 using supported SCPI commands.
* Pinout page: the module Info page now also contains a Pinout page showing the module terminals as well as all resource numbers which can simplify SCPI programming.Updated versions of the English User Manual and SCPI reference guide are also now available and include changes introduced by firmware v1.7. Unfortunately the German version of User Manual is not synchronized with this firmware version because we no longer have a person willing to do so (If anyone is interested, feel free to contact us).

Mike G:
Good morning Prasimix, installed 1.7 yesterday, very nice indeed :-+
Just two questions if I may, firstly it reports that the "pinout image not found on the SD card", where can I find this file? It suggests EEZ studio but I cannot find it :-//
Secondly the DCP405 in slot 2 now shows CC lamp all the time when OFF.  Adjusting the current limit either up or down clears the CC light but after cycling the channel ON then back to OFF the CC led lights again, otherwise the channel works fine. This does not affect the other slots and has only started since the firmware upgrade, any advice would be good before I start looking into the problem.
This version is a significant upgrade with even more useful features,  how much more can you squeeze out of the BB3?
Regards Mike

How to get a pinout pages is a valid question! Existing users do not have pinout images stored on the SD card so this should be done via EEZ Studio. Install EEZ Studio, connect to BB3 and on the home page in the Modules section click on Upload Pinout pages.

Regarding CC LED on DCP405: nothing to worry about. When output is off CC and CV LED states are irrelevant.

Please wait a little bit with EEZ Studio installation. You need 0.9.83 to see this upload option and that release is not visible on GitHub. I'll put here link when ready. Sorry, for confusion.


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