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EEZ Bench Box 3 - Sequel to EEZ H24005

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--- Quote from: jklasdf on August 31, 2021, 01:54:28 am ---Sounds frustrating, do you know if Mouser's current stock of the 2-channel version is the older production with possibly bad soldering?

--- End quote ---

Highly likely that it is an older production.

After a lot of complications, the new SMX46, PREL6 and MUX14D modules are now available in our web store.

Firmware interim release 1.7.2 is now available for download:

Limited number of MIO168+AFE3 modules are now available in our web store:

Unfortunately my BB3 died today  :(

Using it normally in the morning for some quick tests, everything normal. After about an hour or two, i powered it up again and the problem appeared... It powers up, everything seems normal and then after few seconds it puts all channels into error. You can see on the video, exactly how it behaves:
Visual inspection shows nothing abnormal. I tried with taking out the modules and inserting them one by one in different locations, in case that one of the module would be causing problems. No matter what i do, it is always the same result. What is strange to me, that in those few seconds before the error occurs, modules are fully functional,  you can switch them on/off, change voltage, etc. When i switch the channel ON, i can measure the correct voltage on the output, but then it goes to error.

Any idea, what could this be?

It has a MCU board r2B4 with the date of 01/2020
The configuration is 2x DCP405 + 1x DCM224 (ordered and installed this year)


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