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EEZ Bench Box 3 - Sequel to EEZ H24005

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Hi, elekorsi, check AC power distribution, it's quite possible that your soft-start control on the AUX-PS failed, and that could be related to issue described in #108 . As a remedy you could try to add bigger RC snubber or replace AUX-PS with the latest revision (both bare PCB and assembled module are available on web store).

Forgot to mention, upgrading firmware to the latest revision 1.7.3. is highly recommended (many things are fixed and improved in the meantime).

Hi, yeah, i then remembered that i saw something about the overheating resistor on AUX board and checked that one (R4). I just touched it and it fell OFF, and it sure had some tough life, as it's resistance is around 460ohms instead of 330
As i didn't have a 330ohm SMD resistor in that size, i just made some modern art with the through hole one. Will replace it at next order... And yes, IT WORKS  :-+
I will install a RC snubber and will also do the FW update today  :-+

Some other value should also works e.g. 220 to 360R, but in the long run you need to add bigger RC snubber.

It's me again  :palm:
I replaced the resistor with proper one, installed a RC snubber and updated the FW.
I noticed a problem on the CH2 today. If i reduce the voltage to quickly it goes into error (3% OV protection). If i go slowly, it is OK. I tried with funtion generator and of course it goes into an error as soon as i start it. Is something wrong with the down programmer?


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