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EEZ Bench Box 3 - Sequel to EEZ H24005

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What is your firmware now: 1.7.3 or 1.8-alpha1? We changed something around OVP but if you think that something is wrong with DP run a simple list or func generator as square wave and check in YT view if falling edge is too large.

FW is 1.7.3
I managed to start the FG, but with very low voltage. Ampl=1Vpp, Offs=1,5V, f=50Hz. If i go higher with the Offs, i get an error and can't measure anything...
And it appears to be a problem with the down-programmer, as you can see on the scope print screen. CH1 is the faulty DCP and CH2 is a good one for the reference (with same parameters in FG as faulty DCP)

Yes, if the DP is not turned off it is damaged. Please check R29 and Q5.

Thanks, you were right, it was R29...

Right, power resistor in 2512 package is really for optimists. In next revision it will be replaced with TO-220 THT!


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