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EEZ Bench Box 3 - Sequel to EEZ H24005

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ATTENTION: we have several BB3 enclosures (including foot, display mounting frame and Mean Well mounting frame) for sale. Price 30 EUR (+ S&H)!

As you know the enclosure is custom made and all those who bought only a set of PCBs this is an opportunity to once they assemble all the modules put them in the original enclosure 🪛

Send me PM for details (it's not listed on web store).


--- Quote from: prasimix on March 19, 2022, 07:21:31 am ---60% discount valid until the end of March: coupon code: 60PRELOFF ... SRP: €143, with coupon: €57.20 coupon code 60SMXOFF ... SRP: €214, with coupon: €85.60

--- End quote ---

Feel free to PM me for more details or if you cannot buy it via official store.

Used, functional MIO168 (pre-production): €200 + S&H. PM me if you're are interested:

Is there any code example of how to connect and send SCPI commands from Python, for example using PyVisa (or maybe some other module).  Doing like this didn't work:

Not asking to debug someone else's code, a simple code example of a "*IDN?" from Python would be enough.  Is there any Python code example for EEZ instruments, please?

Here is an example of using Python to talk with H24005 (and BB3) over serial port.


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