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Environmental logger, PLC for the rest of us


My company built Twine — a square green WiFi sensor block that was one of the first big tech Kickstarters back in 2011. We shipped Twine 12 years ago and are still supporting it.

Twine was the seed of a good idea that still doesn't exist. Arduino is like building your own car. Smart home devices are like leasing a compact sedan. A PLC is like a Mack truck. So we built Pickup, an environmental monitor/controller that works out of the box but has a modular architecture to fit your task.

It's a flexible little outdoor computer for growing, monitoring air quality, DIY science, etc. Plug in sensor cartridges or build your own; output analog signals, HTTP and MQTT to integrate with your software; and ready to drop anywhere. Yes, we like to tinker, but not to solve the same rote connectivity, power and deployment issues every time. This takes care of those, so you can focus on solving the interesting problems of your particular task.

Pickup has hit its goal on Kickstarter (our fourth!):

I know it's not for most EEs, but there's a lot of people who need something specific to their business without the industrial-strength controller's price. Feedback welcome.

Intriguing, as i'm looking for something exactly like this. I understand what you wrote on the kickstarter, but a rough estimate of shipping to italy/europe?

Rough estimate right now would be €16-26, plus €18 in duties. Dang, sorry about that!

"$78,005 pledged of $10,000 goal" as of right now. 


--- Quote from: jkestner on October 19, 2023, 06:30:10 pm ---Rough estimate right now would be €16-26, plus €18 in duties. Dang, sorry about that!

--- End quote ---

I would estimate about 50€ in duties (circa 25% in actual duties + brokerage extortion fee + vat on shipping AND estortion fee  ::) ) but yeah, pretty sensible! i was fearing that shipping would be more in the 80-100 region.
Will consider making a pledge


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