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ESP32-S3 PowerFeather: Low power, solar capable, Li-ion/LiPo Powered Dev Board


Hello all,

I want to introduce ESP32-S3 PowerFeather, a dev board that should make it a little easier to create solar + Li-ion/LiPo powered projects! It uses a charger IC that's smarter than most other similar boards: Texas Instruments BQ25628E; and also has an on-board LC709204F fuel gauge. Deep-sleep current can be under 20 uA. It has an Arduino/ESP-IDF SDK to help manage the use of the charger and fuel gauge, as well as the other power-related features. More details and link to documentation can be found on:

Since the release of ESP32-S3 PowerFeather I’ve been working on a demo web app that lets users explore some of the features of ESP32-S3 PowerFeather, which I recently got to a decent state:

The web app is served from the ESP32-S3 PowerFeather (acting as an AP) and is accessed from the tablet's web browser. The part encircled in yellow shows the battery being charged at 1.5 A from the solar panel at the set MPP voltage of around 12 V.

The web app also displays other supply & battery telemetry information as well as some power management controls which are all built-in into the board and accessed using the PowerFeather-SDK API.

For those interested in the demo web app, maybe to try it on their PowerFeather or just to see how this was created:

I made a showcase video for the ESP32-S3 PowerFeather:

Nice job on the board and the documentation. It's not easy to make something like this happen, and it shows that you put a lot of effort in it. Good luck selling it.


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