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Feedback on LumiCube: An LED cube kit for the Raspberry Pi


My friend and I launched a Kickstarter last month, it's an interactive LED cube kit for the Raspberry Pi. We're currently busy preparing everything for manufacturing, and we're anxious to make this the best product possible for our backers.

I was wondering what everyone over here on the EEVBlog forum would make of our design. What do you suspect we have overlooked? What would you have done differently? Advice, criticism or thoughts of any kind much appreciated!

You can see the campaign here:

I've also written a bit more about the electronics here:

Nice job done well  :-+

Thanks dunkemhigh! :D

Very nicely done!
(And I like your company name too.  :))

This might be the first time I actually get on board with a Kickstarter project. But apparently I am to stupid to do so... Why does the "pre-order now" button on the Kickstarter page take me to an Indiegogo page with different packages? How do I actually register for the "Base Cube" on Kickstarter?


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