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This is for anybody considering their own startup on Kickstarter.  The unit in question here is the "Flipper Zero" which is an open source security tool.  The individuals who are running the project have been very well supported and are now shipping.  The full history of their project should be accessible via their website.  They have done a particularly good job of showing the progress of the project and in so doing, still have the support of their subscribers.  I think there's a lesson in that for anyone contemplating something like this.

Very interesting details about the production of the unit and the challenges associated with ramping up production numbers.

I've been following their progress since the beginning. I personally have no interest in the unit itself, but their approach to design and manufacturing is outstanding.

I backed the project for $1 to follow along.  I was kind of interested in it, but I couldn't justify the price for a "toy" that I might use a few times.

They've done well, but they did have plenty of funds.  They possibly would have been screwed with less backers.


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