Author Topic: IGG tiny arduino clone. What is different? A dozen Ebay vendors seem similar.  (Read 2221 times)

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Appears to simply be another pro-mini knock off. 

The tx/rx are just duplicated to the sides (it's the same as the official pro mini).

Schematic such as it is:

As you say, dime a dozen these things, the IGG campaign brings nothing new to the table.
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It's really cheap. I think that's the whole (and only) point.

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It's really cheap. I think that's the whole (and only) point.

Search eBay, nothing new, not even the price.

OP, typically you solder the header yourself so you can solder the center header up or use only the two side and make your own DTR with an external 0.1uf cap to Reset.
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