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Handibot KS Campaign duplicated on IGG by scammers (shutdown now)

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Thought this was interesting, same campaign running on different crowdfunders at same time

Seems like as soon as they hit there goal that started a igg campaign, personally I would have been annoyed having pledged a not so early bird price to learn of the second campaign... Pretty odd marketing campaign if you ask me..


Seems a bit fishy to me...


--- Quote from: Stonent on July 03, 2013, 07:25:16 am ---Seems a bit fishy to me...

--- End quote ---

Running campaigns on two separate crowd-funding websites does seem a bit odd, but ShopBot is a well established company, and there's nothing terribly challenging about the concept.

Flex funding on IGG to boot... something does not smell right here.  I've messaged ShopBot on Kickstarter to explain themselves, I'll post back their response [if any]. [Sadly neither KS or IGG let you post a public comment/question unless you back] - I suspect the IGG one might be a scam by someone else, as Shopbot makes no mention of the IGG campaign on their website [only the KS one] or their twitter feed.

Andy Watson:

--- Quote from: CanadianAvenger on July 03, 2013, 02:17:26 pm --- I suspect the IGG one might be a scam by someone else,

--- End quote ---
Looks like it's been directly lifted from the KS site - even the goal of $125,000. At least they're not greedy, on IGG they're only asking for $70,000.


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