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Haxson Smart Airfan

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What do you think of this Dave?
Scam or legit?

Fancy air filter/fan with various added features. Nothing dodgy to see here.
Only questions are the pre-order delivery time, quality, how good it is in reality, etc. if you are looking to use it.
Check out this video. Makes a few good points...

State your point here, not going to watch long video. Do you have any real points otherwise or just speculation?
Kickstarters may have issues producing HW products (as discussed on this forum many times, HW is more difficult than SW to develop/deliver).
What he points out is
They state they are based in the u.s. but there's no registered business by that name. The ceo was questioned about this and stated that they actually based in China.
The 2 people that reply to comments about their product have nothing to be found anywhere about them social media anything.
The price seems quite low for what it is.
My point here is, I really like the idea of this but wanted to get others opinions on the product.


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