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How to find hidden projects on Indiegogo?


I've noticed that some projects could not be found using igg's search box. I thought that memory playing tricks on me, but then I've discovered noindex tag in html code of some project page, so it would be excluded from google too. What I need is a list of projects for past 10 years and access to story page to harvest some ideas worth rebooting or just interesting stuff.

this topic looks pretty stupid without an example. Here is one example of what I was asking for. Why I can't find this project through Indiegogo search box?

How to find links to the projects like this one?
Excel with project names in chronological order with some details in columns would be perfect.

They don't want people to find it because the campaign is under supposed review, eg it received refund requests or reports of being a scam.
Partly to protect buyers partly to protect their own image.

Another scam:

For your purposes though it could still be a good project. You'd have to scrape webarchive maybe.

Thanks! I really hoped that there is some easier way to extract this data from Indiegogo and Kickstarter. In some sense, such projects list is more valuable than paid keyword research data. I genuinely believe that majority of "scams" are results of poor planning. Designs are too expensive to manufacture and even prototyping often done using overly expensive approaches. I've contacted several crowdfunding projects with an offer to re-design their stuff for a very low cost. Unfortunately, all projects refused (only three answered though). Now I think that it's better to work on my projects rather than trying to help others. My naive thought that I can earn the money, help some project, and learn how they do marketing and fulfillment. I wonder why they not reusing these projects properly. E.g., 8000 backers is like having 100*8000/2 = 400k subscribers on YouTube (with a 2% conversion ratio). I don't think that it is easy to re-launch new projects like this every month. Simply deliver something that works, and you can continue to work on a next product or generation plus have a list of projects that delivered and not labeled as a scam.

Edit: looked more closely on exercise bike tooling photos. Looks like a casting+cnc for metal and injection molding for plastic - probably a bad choice for making only 1000 bikes. I would make these using nylon 3d printing for a such small quantity.


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