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Hello all, just wanted to share my concept of I2C controlled servos.

I'm trying to provide an intermediate product for robotics or animatronics.
This scheme let's you control the force and ramp as well as read the position and power, but without the interface becoming too complex. I think this should help make robots less 'jerky' and it also requires less hardware and software overhead.

I'm trying on Indiegogo, but at this point don't know if Kickstarter could've been better  ???

Here are a couple of the videos

IIC is a really bad choice for an interface. CAN, RS-485 or even S.Bus would be much better.

Seems like nice work!

From the first paragraph on I2C from Wikipedia:

--- Quote ---...short-distance, intra-board communication
--- End quote ---

You should really concider a pivoting manouver and select one of the suggested physical layers in the post above mine.

Good luck!

Thanks for your replies guys. I've tested these to five feet and it's all pretty resilient at 100KHz.
I decided for this as a low cost, low complexity option, but certainly plan on making a RS485 version as well at some point :D  Thanks for the feedback.

I2C is a terrible choice for a servo, where you'll have motor noise flying around.


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