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Idea for a new crowdfunding platform (spoiler: video streaming)


Idea is basically very simple. Each startup must install two mandatory components:
1 - video camera at design/manufacturing place
2 - screen monitoring app on one or more computers
Monthly updates and "proofs" of legitimate businesses are replaced by live streaming. I think that monthly updates do not make sense anymore. Any person with some technical background can make monthly update. Moreover, there is noticeable number crowdfunding projects that delivered nothing for years (2+ million USD and passed stripe checks).
Instead, projects will be evaluated by general public, and there will be some experienced engineers and enthusiasts as well. Backers have more access to video streams/recordings. And it will be less disappointing if project not delivered physical product - if there was a real effort, everyone can see it.
What do you think?

Most of the design work is done by people sitting in front of computers. Unless you are also streaming their desktops, any stock footage of an office would work in place of real work. And I doubt anyone would agree to have their work streamed 100% of the time.

And you don't really control the manufacturing places and will have no ability to setup cameras there. So, the excuse would shift to "our board assembly house screwed up and it will take weeks to fix". Or "there is a component shortage" or "mechanical contractor quoted months for critical parts, so we are waiting on them".

A lot of product design cycle is a legitimate waiting for things to arrive.

I was hoping this interaction could be streamed too, including emails and phone calls. Maybe additional GoPro footage upload.

Many depends on the platform rules. Maybe people can get used to it? . Current situation is that some backers "agree" to spend 500+ USD and receive nothing, except the ability to ask for refund in comments section. Crowdfunding projects that failed at least could provide content worth watching. Platforms may be interested in this. Creators can wear pants while doing good engineering work. Streaming adds up to discipline. I heard upwork have screen monitoring time tracking software, and some people agree using it.


--- Quote from: Georgy.Moshkin on July 14, 2023, 04:35:26 pm ---and phone calls.

--- End quote ---
In many states in the US this would require obtaining explicit consent from both parties and many contractors will refuse.

If you are risk averse, or the project looks like  a potential failure, then don't give them money. If the product is good, then they will continue manufacturing it after the campaign, so buy it then.

And even if everything is recorded and all they do is smoke weed on camera, what are you going to do?

I am not the backer.
Streaming starts a little earlier. This is exactly to filter out some presale projects, that just sell overpriced rebranded products that already available on other markets, sometimes with better battery, better enclosure, better app, etc. Presale projects still can stream, everything is fair. If project owner do not want to stream, then edit and upload afterwards, backers probably will be less interested in such projects.
When someone visits project page, there would be live feed and recorded content. Similar to YouTube, it is possible to highlight most viewed moments and filter out large chunks with mo movement of on the screen. And anyone can comment, ask questions. It must be interactive.
Who would agree to pay some strangers after watching a short video and few pages of advertisement text? Surprisingly, a lot of people do pay, and that's how it works now. Probably, because crowdfunding platforms still have some
reputationn left, and some good projects pop-up from time to time. What I propose is to replace early 2000s style monthly updates and short videos with live streaming. Just an upgrade. Old way may be still there for those who do not want to stream. It's a platform, let backers and project owners decide.


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