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Inexpensive tCam-Mini with Lepton FS thermal imaging camera campaign


Group Gets paired my tCam-Mini Wifi thermal imaging camera board with the special [low] priced Lepton FS camera module and is running a campaign right now.  Pricing is really reasonable.  Great if you want to start playing with thermal imaging.  I've also just released new firmware for tCam-Mini that improves performance and adds features (as well as a matching companion desktop application version).

Full disclosure: The Lepton FS is a Lepton 3.5 that didn't pass all their tests so can't be guaranteed to hold to all the specs.  But it is cheap!  It will show thermal gradients.  Of course tCam-Mini can be bought with a Lepton 3.5 and with the new firmware installed also works with Lepton 3.0.



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