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Interest survey: engineering graph papers

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OMG these are beautiful, thank you for sharing.

Whats up with these decade divisions? Wouldn't it make more sense, to divide them by E12 series?
Also, if you take the log of the E12 series, some beautiful things happen.

The graph papers are very nice, but I particularly enjoyed reading about the linear clock  :-+

I gather doing E12 divisions would make drawing lines for popular component values a little more convenient, but it would make getting information out (corner frequencies, impedance value at frequency) less convenient.


--- Quote from: jmw on October 22, 2019, 01:29:44 am ---This has been an want of mine for a while: good graph paper pads, in designs useful for electronics and EE pen-and-paper design work

--- End quote ---

I bookmarked this long time ago, maybe talk to them ?


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