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Interesting idea on kickstarter. Arduino inside a breadboard.

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george graves:
Looks like someone took a breadboard, milled out the center section, added an arduino compatible board under the breadboard.  Nice and compact!

(warning - this video's production value might annoy you...) - but I really liked the idea.

Just an excuse for someone to do a kickstarter project.

Not a great product.

Never mind.

I thought it was a rather poor sales pitch. They didn't really showcase their product effectively, all the images were too small, and when i clicked a link to their website, i was greeted with a login prompt(without even being able to see the website).

Honestly protoshields for the arduino are far better in my opinion, and their product looks rather clumsy and clunky, especially with the outrigger shield attachment. Not well thought out enough in my opinion, and certainly nothing new or original there.

I gave up on the video after two minutes. Too many buzzwords and 'leveraging...'. I'm generally supportive of Arduino stuff but IMO this is a solution looking for a problem. Haven't they heard of Google? There's already a metric crapload of boards out there which are tiny and breadboard friendly, and their LION2 beta sounds like a Freetronics LeoStick - which can sit nicely in a breadboard.

Their website still needs a login. Oh well, good luck to them.

george graves:
I still think it's a good idea.  It saves a ton of breadboard space.  (I know there are some people that are a bit envious of funds being raised on kickstarter - blah blah blah...oh well)

Looking at the pic more closely, it seems as if they aren't milling out the breadboard, but rather drilling holes to pass a long pin header into it.  If the header was flush with the other sockets in the breadboard I think it would be a nice little space saving hack.


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