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DODGY Kickstarter: Magnetic Energy Source
« on: October 19, 2020, 03:46:08 am »
Let's save the world!

But he's in talks with Ford, BMW, VOLVO, HONDA, Nissan, and Toyota!  :bullshit:

How it works:

Patent Number(s):

GB2014760. 9 (UK patent pending)


A ferrous belt running around a series of pulley wheels to guide it, with a electric or fossil fuel powered motor below and attached to one of the pulley wheels. Situated around the ferrous belt line of rotation are a number of alternators/generators. The alternators/generators have a number of magnets fixed to its outer side casing from 1 to 4 in quantity. Depending on how free flowing they are this could be only 1 magnet with 3 other non magnetic objects of identical dimensions and weight situated equally around the alternators/generators outer casing to give it enhanced stability when they spin. A mini starter motor may be required above each to get it going. Once the motor is spinning the ferrous belt around its cycle the magnet or magnets on each alternator/generator make brief contact with the ferrous belt, in doing this action the magnets on the alternators/generators only make intermittent contact thus reducing drag and friction and keep the momentum going . If there are 12 alternators/generators placed around the ferrous belt cycle in a certain way only 3 of them at any one time will make contact but all 12 will be rotating at the same speed. A thought on how it works? Turn a bicycle upside down and spin its wheel then intermittently slap your hands around it to keep its momentum/inertia going or a child's roundabout in a park spins and you keep thrusting it to keep its momentum/inertia going. In the video attached the 3 mini alternators are quite restricted in rotation they don't spin as freely as the one 12v motorbike alternator I have but from the 6v motor turning the ferrous belt I have achieved 1000 rpm of all 3 at once.

I did see a programme some time ago where they have turned water into a fuel, but once combusted or however it works will it condense back into water? If not the world's water resources could be consumed in a 100, 500 or 1000 years time. Wind, solar and wave will always be there but not constant, magnetism will be ? Forces we can't see but will save our planet. Let's explore these options.

Risks and challenges
What could be risky about reducing our carbon footprint and making tomorrow a less polluted day for today's children.

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Re: DODGY Kickstarter: Magnetic Energy Source
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2020, 03:54:15 am »
Risks and challenges.


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