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Keef goes crowdfunding!!

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Keef Wivanef:

Now, don't be negative..... I never am :-DD

I'm booking my flight to the Bahamas...... Palm trees.....Pina Colada....  WHOOO HOOO!!

Be curious to see if Greg Watson becomes your first backer  :-DD

I like the idea ....  but a book - boring. You need to turn it into a musical. I am thinking of something like "Jesus Christ Superstar". Or do what everyone else does, Find the most relevant Shakespeare play, and rewrite is as the smash hit "Sunballs!!!".

I'm curious to know what publisher requires to you to "cover some of the up-front costs."?
Are you self publishing/vanity publishing?

Keef Wivanef:
I can't tell you.
It's a secret.
I'm under NDA  ^-^


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