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Not usable for me (apart from the fact that I don't wear a watch anyway). A friend of mine had the TI's smart watch with MSP430 inside and i kinda liked what it was capable of. And battery life was like >1 year I think.


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--- Quote from: wilfred on May 24, 2013, 11:42:26 am ---7 days battery life!!!

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Yep, what's the point. I already have a phone that's a PITA to remember to charge.

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It has "Qi wireless charging". Didn't know this before, looks like some kind of standard:
So at least you don't need to remember to fiddle a power cable into it every some days, just put it on the pad every evening.

But the watch is really expensive. $179 if you need the charger, too. Compare this to Pebble: $99, including the charger (well, it's just an USB cable, but with a nice Mac-like magnetic clip at the watch side). Still a bit pricey. I wonder when you can buy the first Chinese clone for $10. You can already buy a full Android smartphone for $65:


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