Author Topic: Kickstarter : Arduino compatible ATSAMD21 M0+ with SPI 8MB Ram and 128MB Flash  (Read 1018 times)

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Good day everyone,
I have started a Kickstarter project and wish to share it with all the esteem engineers and enthusiasts.

The link to the kickstarter :

I am not so polished in presentation and details thus I hope to humbly seek your feedbacks and where I can do better.
Thanks for taking your time to read and I hope you would visit the link for more details.

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This is excellent. More RAM for embedded is badly needed.
Is this a serial SRAM? is there a way to send data via DMA? For example camera frames?
Good luck  :-+
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Thanks statorworks.
You have very interesting ideas and this is also areas I wish to explore too.  ;D
Some ideas I am considering as well, to implement micropython, some emulator, IOT peripherals, or basic disk operating system on it. So likely I would open source this to take in advice from all interested experts in these field to develop the potential of this board.
The external memories are on SPI serial bus, the RAM is actually a pseudo SRAM.
The interesting part about the board being able to use DMAs to transfer data around the SPI and other different peripherals.
It is also possible to replace the Flash chip with RAM chip to bring total Ram size to 16M bytes.
This board has pretty lot of applications  ;D

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schematic ? it looks like you have zero protection on the USB port ...
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You are attempting to target a hard market!  But at SGD35 price point seems about right... seems to be around GBP 19

The most obvious alternative would be a Teensy 4.0 so I think you need to bring out the USP of your board more... seems to have better power options??

Good Luck.


I don't like the look of the connectors at all... looks amateur.... just use regular female headers


I have just created a very similar design for something else with a similar form factor using ATSAMC21G18A... I like the choice of uP  :-+


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The connectors are turned-pin sockets. Much better quality than square headers, but possibly less useful as they need a narrow cylindrical pin to mate with (or a DIP IC lead).

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