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Kickstarter: USB powered 4-channel signal generator

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Interesting what you can do with USB.

And he doesn't even tell us which DAC it uses. ..  :-\

One from AD.......

A much better product than the last... but...
"Prototype enclosure with non-functional electronics." That looks like a completed PCB to me, unless they botched the design too badly to fix it by hand.

Why are almost all kickstarter things completed things looking for donations - TO FUND WHAT? IT'S FINISHED.

Kicksterter is really fucked in in another way, the extraordinary way things get promoted, it's either someone wealthy who's marketed something heavily, or it's some who's been made a favourite, lots of good things get nothing while scam products get over 500k.

$300 for one, shipment in March next year if everything will went according to plan. USB not isolated, no proper output connectors, output impedance not specified. But a shiny acrylic enclosure, that'll get scratched faster on the bench than you can say 50 Ohms. Now, why would you want to buy one?


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