Author Topic: Kreyos founder never delivers ($1.5mn); spotted with Ferrari and shopping spree  (Read 2723 times)

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eecs guy

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Sad that a startup falls victim to ruthless scamartists.  :(

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wah wah wah

>Viewcooper sold us the LCDs at $15 USD each when the actual cost was only $5USD

nooo, YOU RETARDS PAID some dude 3x the price of LCD.
Actually no, there was no "us", there is only this Steve Tan guy running indiegogo campaign. He calls himself "us" to somehow appear as he is just a part of a company, and that company made all the mistakes, while in reality HE made those mistakes personally.
He is the one to blame because he is an effing idiot and a fraud just like his subcontractor.

>Our agreement we entered with Viewcooper/Pro Yang, is for us to buy a complete ODM solution smartwatches from him

oh, so Steve Tan, guy running scampaign admits openly he ran whole thing just to resell chinese product. No design, no innovation, just find someone in china to make them one.

I sure hope he gets sued.
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Ruthless people using gullible people for their benefit, nothing new here. If you pay for something based in some pencil drawing and 3D rendering made by someone from freelancer, because some 21 year old chinese guy in america calls himself the CEO of Mikkamakka technology LTD, you deserve what you get.

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