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LIMITS: The World's "Smartest" Cycling Power Meter
« on: May 05, 2018, 04:02:14 pm »
LIMITS is, according to the developer, The World's "Smartest" Cycling Power Meter.

$558,045 US raised on Indegogo. Three years after launch, shipments have stalled and we see some complaints on Indegogo about: batteries lasting only a few rides, volatile power readings, and fragile components.

Cycling power metres have been around for a long time and strain gauges have been used by several firms for generations of products. I think LIMITS was selling an inexpensive, interchangable, simple strain gauge-based metre. LIMIT's idea of placing the gizmo between the pedals and crank arms is quite clever (wonder if they have some intellectual property there).

Chris Newman (from LIMITS?) commented last month, "To date we have shipped 1800 LIMITS with 450 outstanding.
Why haven’t we fulfilled the remaining backers?

1.Due to the yield related issues mentioned above our initial build pan fell short of the required quantity to fulfil all our backers.

2. To meet the price point we need to build in volume and as such are unable to build only 450 units, the minimum production run is 2,000 units otherwise it’s not cost effective, so we had to secure the additional orders prior to committing to 2,000 units."

Let's close this post with most recent comment on the Indegogo site from Angelo Kehagias, "3 years and counting, still waiting for my power meter… this campaign is an absolute joke."

Interesting and brief snapshot of cycling power metres


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Re: LIMITS: The World's "Smartest" Cycling Power Meter
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2018, 10:51:21 pm »
The design is very clever. You have to wonder if any of the big cycling manufacturers had considered it, but decided not to go with it due to its re-usability.

There is another meter with a similar design here:
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