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Its nearly as bad as some scientist found a way to capture lighting in a cave acting as a large
Capacitor . ..
But could not get withing 500 meters to use the electric .
 No one could control the output.   :-DD
The ultimate power source . Run & Plug .

What puzzles me most about this kind of kickstarter projects is the hubris of people who barely grasp a certain concept (e.g. capacitor) and still think that everybody else in the world was too dumb to come up with their great idea. I guess this based on this archetype of the mad scientist who creates a groundbreaking invention in his backroom that Hollywood keeps on using until this very day. I'm torn if I should envy or pity people who still can live with this view of the world since at some point in my life I couldn't help to realize that there are so many so clever people working all over the world on all kinds of problems that it's highly unlikely that whatever you can come up with has already been realized or discarded for very good reasons.


--- Quote ---Fucked if I know....I'm a little teapot 
--- End quote ---

 :popcorn:   These Mad scientist are going to Blow our Plant to pieces   >:D

       An the next nearest planet is 200 light years away ...
              My old car would not make it  :-DD
                            even if the headlight were on FULL BeaM    |O


Single UV led of unknown power to clean 500ml of unfiltered water in 60 seconds. Right :palm: "Get water sick anywhere (tm)"

They say:

--- Quote ---Auron purifies without filters or chemicals, turning water from any source into pure goodness.

--- End quote ---

Will it work also for water taken from the intake of a sewage treatment plant? Or water from the holding reservoir of a mine? >:D


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