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Little Bee Current Probe

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I actually ended up ordering the sensors from NAC Semi. They have a partial reel that they acquired from someone. I checked the first and last sensors on the section of the reel that I bought and the parts from them work fine.

A lot of people are having production problems right now, but all the other important parts managed to stay in stock. The only changes I had to make were switching out the dual mosfet (for the 2nd time...) and some MLCCs.

There should be a campaign update posted on Crowd Supply and sent out to the backers as soon as the crowd supply staff review it, but the Little Bee PCBA assembly is now in production at Macrofab! All the parts have been ordered and they are currently waiting for the PCBs.

Right now the priority is fulfilling all the orders for the Crowd Supply backers, but I tacked an extra 20 units on to the PCBA order and I am going to figure out how I can get some of those extra units to interested people in Europe.

I got the notice today that the units have been shipped to Crowd Supply for distribution. I'm excited! I've wanted this kind of tool for a while!

Put me on the list for one kit to Europe!



--- Quote from: Weston on September 30, 2020, 02:35:14 am ---The front loop is a flux concentrator which allows for sensing the current in a wire with higher accuracy than field mode. It clips on the front tip. Its 3d printed plastic, same as the tip cover, and has a gapped ferrite torroid inside.

Before you clip it on, you can put it over a wire, so there is no need to thread the wire through / cut the wire to pass it through. The opening, which determines the maximum wire you can slide it over, is 4mm. I am still working on the geometry of the plastic parts, so it might change a bit, but it's going to be something close to 4mm for the final version.

Here is a close up:

--- End quote ---

Which ferrite core was used in the probe? What is the core material?
What do you think about the use of the HMC1021Z-RC in the project? Is available.


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