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--- Quote from: dougg on August 05, 2021, 01:42:40 am ---Received my Little Bee today and I'm trying to read the documentation. It is not obvious where the doco is in . My first guess was under the doc folder. When I navigated to the getting-started folder the rendered file had broken links in it. For example the first link is:
but should be:
Since all the links give blank images in my rendered , I guess they all have the same path problem.

Since you have a github account, you could take some extra steps and put up that documentation in html at (github has tutorials).
For example my repositories are at: and the associated html documentation is at: . I use LibreOffice Writer to generate (edit) html.

--- End quote ---

Sorry for not having this documentation up by the time the units shipped. I have a full set of operation instructions here now:  Please let me know if anything in the instructions can be improved.

I have been meaning to get some sort of website up for a while now. I also have registered. I ran into some issues last time I worked my way through the hosting, I will have to try again sometime.

--- Quote from: piotrekd on August 02, 2021, 09:01:37 pm ---Which ferrite core was used in the probe? What is the core material?
What do you think about the use of the HMC1021Z-RC in the project? Is available.

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The core is 5943001301 (fair-rite type 43 material) with a 8.25mm cut. I modeled a few different things and tried a few different materials. Given the gap size the material is not that critical.

The HMC1021Z is much physically larger and has 1/3 the magnetic field range. It does have the advantage of availability though.

I am not sure how many units I am going to end up making in total, but for now I have the part sourcing under control. If I were to think long term I would focus on switching to a TMR magnetic sensor. They do not have the saturation issues that AMR sensors have.

Also, just a heads up for anyone who is interested, the Little Bee units are now available for general sale through Crowd Supply and Mouser. I think there is ~35 units still left from the initial batch of 200 units I made.

Hey Weston

Quick question, does the sensor get damaged if it experiences saturation? By saturation I mean being in an excessive magnetic field to the point of having to be reset (RED indication LED)

Right now I am trying to measure the rise time of a solenoid current waveform, this solenoid sees a peak current of 10A and looks like it's large enough to throw the sensor off

Cheers, Anton

hello, is there any 10A-100A version of your probe? 5A is way too small for me anyway


--- Quote from: technogeeky on July 02, 2021, 10:53:32 pm ---I got the notice today that the units have been shipped to Crowd Supply for distribution. I'm excited! I've wanted this kind of tool for a while!

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Can you send pcb kits to Spain?. I have boutght a magnetic sensor, i have two HMC1041Z for this project.

I have tried to buy on your page and it says that it cannot send to Spain




Is the Little Bee project dead? 

I ordered one last year.  I received a email notice yesterday from Crowd Supply that I am being issued a refund.

--- Quote ---Hello,

This is Tanner over at Crowd Supply! I am reaching out to you today to inform you of the latest update with the Little Bee project. Unfortunately, the expected batch has no current ETA and production has been halted for various reasons. We can always alert you, for if and when they do eventually are made available again to purchase.

So I am going to issue you a full refund and cancel your order! You should see that refund in 2-5 days. The total refunded amount is 189.91

Sorry for the inconveniences!

Customer Support Team
Crowd Supply
--- End quote ---

Whats up?



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