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Maybe shortage of HMC1041Z magnetic sensor or other component?  :-//

I've received the little-bee current probe with the first batch and I'am very happy with it!!!

Sorry for the late replies, I noticed I was not being alerted by the forum notifications.

The Little Bee has indeed been discontinued. To be honest, I was really surprised to get so many orders and am happy to have received only positive reports.

This project fell prey to CE regulations and the supply chain shortage.

CE regulations make it so the probe can not be shipped to Europe without some pretty extensive certification. As a current probe the Little Bee would be subject to even more testing than is required for generic products. Its a few hundred pages of requirements. Crowd Supply is really clamping down on this too. Despite claims to the contrary you can not say your item is a kit or development board. If you look on Crowd Supply this is pretty heavy effecting most of the recent projects.

Secondly, the supply chain shortages hit this project pretty hard. About half the active parts are out of stock. The availability of the HMC1041Z magnetic sensor is the biggest issue. I was never able to obtain the parts directly from Honeywell and the reseller I was buying small quantities from ran out of stock. This leaves 3k reels as the only option and the likelihood of making close to 3k units and recouping that is pretty small.

Weston, sorry to read about your problems. Chipageddon is real and I am not going into that at this point. You know that I have the TTi I-prober 520 in my lab, but I would have liked to see how your device compares.

However, regarding accreditation, I can only assume that you have fallen prey to the wrong consultants.
Both UL and CE should be pretty straightforward for a device like yours. CE will cost you a single fee, if at all, where UL, by its very nature, will produce recurring cost.
Without knowing the details, I see a typical pattern for anybody who has first, unprotected contact with a notified body. If you contact them and don't know the procedures, they have a tendency of selling you a premium package, which may prove a financial killer. This is not completely their fault. The "trick" is to know the procedures and standards, ask the correct questions and give the right answers.

It is a fact that an experienced guide will save you lots of time and frustration. What's even better, if your product meets certain requirements, you could even do a self declaration of CE CE declaration without involving a third party.

At any rate, should you want to have another go at this, I'd recommend that you look for a consultant. This forum is teeming with knowledgeable people. There is nothing magic about accreditation. However, it is important to have an idea about the pertinent standards (be it UL or CE) and build your design with those in mind.

Hopefully crowd supply lets sellers simply choose to not ship to the EU if they decide.

thm_w - thanks for the link. I was simplified too much, in my last post. These days I mostly do medical stuff that require third party involvement. Other designs, and the Little Bee might fit in that category, do not require a notified body to become involved. However, many producers decide to get a third party certificate anyways, to reduce the potential of gross fault.
UL doesn't give us that option. With UL you pay up front and you keep paying as long as you want to keep "den Stempel" ("their seal of approval", as we lovingly say in Germany).


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