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39 USD: the cuplTag NFC datalogger


Hi All,

Here is a 10 second product demo:

And the link to Crowd Supply:

cuplTag is an open source hardware datalogger with an average current consumption of 500nA@3V. This allows for multi year battery life.

Details on how it works:
1) Every 10 minutes it wakes up to read temperature and humidity.
2) Samples are written to a circular buffer on an NFC EEPROM.
3) The buffer is base64 encoded and forms part of a URL.
4) A web application (also open source) opens automatically when the cuplTag is tapped by a phone.
5) The web app unwraps the circular buffer, extracts samples and plots these in a graph.

No app needs to be installed on the phone to view temperature and humidity samples on the tag. Use of a web application means that data can be shared with others or viewed on a PC easily.

If you like what you see, please support me on Crowd Supply! Any questions, I am happy to answer on here.

Jolly clever idea. Well done  :-+

Thought about grabbing one, if only to encourage your next idea, but shipping and VAT (to a UK address) essentially doubles the cost. Just a bit too far out of my reach, sorry.


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