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Live on Kickstarter: Tiny USB 2.5W V/I controllable power supply

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On of the big players for small batch series injection molding is I think. There you can upload your 3D model, and the next day you get an online offering about the costs.
The big drawback is, if you later want to order e.g. 15.000 parts, the price will be still at > $2 per part.
As I understand aright, the aluminum mold must be replaced by a new one after 15k to 30k samples, but manufacturing is > 50% faster (=lower price). Steel is much hardener, you can produce 100k or more with the same mold.

It's a shame that this didn't reach the funding goals, but to be honest, I didn't expect it to as the goal was unrealistic.

@brrup: Do you have any plans to still make these, despite the Kickstarter not being funded?

OP, you should fund this via Crowd Supply. I'm certain you will get more traction there

Now, after more then 2 years, it was possible to finish the project in my spare time!
I have 300 units prefabricated ready for shipping.

The last days, I relaunched the Kickstarter campaign with a funding goal much lower than the first time - so I hope this time it will work!

Here is the new campaign link:

Mine just arrived - thanks!

But... it doesn't work. When I plug it into my PC (W7) I get a popup about the driver being installed, and Windows goes off to Windows Update to find it, but then it exits as nothing applicable being found. Of course, with no driver there is no network and no web page.

Have I missed something, like some specific driver I should manually install? Couldn't find any instructions anywhere, and the website is 'coming soon'.


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