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Live on Kickstarter: Tiny USB 2.5W V/I controllable power supply

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Fixed. RNDIS needs to be installed manually, and rather than paraphrase the process here, this is where I found excellent instructions:

Gosh, it's a long time since I last saw those!

And having played with it some, it's an excellent piece of kit. Brilliant for shoving in the laptop bag.

A suggestion, though: when the range is being used, the graphs would be better covering only that range rather than the possible fill scale. For instance, when simulating battery power, the range might be set to 2-3V but the graph scale remains 0-15V. It would be much better to show just 2-3V. (Having said that, it's still possible for the voltage to drop below the minimum if current limiting takes place, so perhaps an even better solution would be to scale to the visible min/max values, plus a little for padding.)


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