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Live on Kickstarter: Tiny USB 2.5W V/I controllable power supply

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Update 05/2021: Project Relaunch Now

The first campaign in 2019 failed, so more than two years later after finishing the project in my spare time, there is a relaunch now!


here is a link to my first Kickstarter project I started some days ago, maybe it will be interesting for some of you:

I developed a tiny USB 2.0 variable power supply with controllable voltage and current:

* Voltage from 0 to 15V with current up to 600mA (2.5W)
* Controllable via onboard web server (no driver installation for many OS)
* Remote control is simple using the Rest API


Wow!!! Great job man!!!
I’m really interested to buy one, can you explain the difference from the early bird and the special offer?

Hi, Thank you!
Cool if you like this tool. There is no difference, the Early Bird is just limited in quantity but reduced in price.

That's a jolly clever idea and implementation.

Just a couple of questions...

Is there any security on the web server? What's to stop someone else whacking up the volts to blow my project up?

Can the web server be modified to allow setting of volts/current without actually changing the output until so 'apply' button is pressed? I am thinking that clicking spinners on edit boxes could lead to tears given a mis-click or wheel scroll, so being able to hold back changes until they are known to be correct could be useful.

Thank you.
Generally, the web server is running on the device itself, your computer will not share it to the outside would. The adds as a separate virtual ethernet device when its is connected via USB using the RNDIS protocol. (It is the same concept mobile internet sticks are using).
There is a nice RNDIS example project for STM32 discovery board, if you are interested: .

But if there is someone sitting in front of your computer, or hacked into your computer, there is no additional security on the web access planned. This would also complicate the simple Rest API access for scripts.

To prevent form accidentally changes, there are different ideas in my mind. There will be a setup area to adapt the handling to what you want.
Possible options might be:
[  ] Show confirmation dialog on changes
[  ] Show additional apply button

If there are better ideas, I will try to do my best to implement them.

Another option here will be to setup a startup voltage/current. (On default, the output will be disabled.)
With this startup setting, you can power the device by a micro USB battery charger without being connected to the PC.


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