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Re: Magic cable
« Reply #25 on: June 28, 2015, 05:35:41 pm »
Shipping time arrived and the backers are whining and raging. Not even that the magic "load twice as fast" button does nothing, the connectors are breaking off and some of the cables doesn't work at all.  :wtf:

Sounds like this company wanted some cheap advertising. Ever notice how the media blog Internet news sites pounce on this crowd-funding stuff because it gives them some exciting stats to report like number of backers, amount of money funded and growth and over funding percentage.

But if they charge a premium price even for "audiophoolery" type stuff they better deliver premium quality built stuff, not dollar store stuff that falls apart!

And if there was any more sophisticated stuff going on like chips to control current or talk to the device, don't you think they would have mentioned it? If they aren't saying anything it is probably because nothing too sophisticated is going on. A teardown would be good... but it seems like the product tears itself down for you. :)
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