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Dodgy: Megacell Charger - 16 cell 18650 tester

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I bought a second XTAR VP4+ yesterday...

Several things got me over the price hump of the VP4+

1. It supports cells larger than 18650's in all 4 bays and the others either do not at all or only in the outer 2 bays.
2. It's the best cell tester of the 3 in every way!
3. It's faster than the other 2 cell testers. The Opus claims it will do 2 amps, but the same cell in it takes 2X longer to test than does the VP4+. I think it's the discharge cycle that is so much slower. Maybe it needs an added fan like others have told me they do them. I think the smallish discharge resistors are the real problem. They can't handle the wattage that the much larger precision resistors in the VP4+ can!
4. The VP4+ does cell Ir and the others do not.
5. Put the VP4+ in test mode, set the current and it stays exactly like that cell after cell after cell. It only changes mode because you changed it or it was unplugged. The other 2 cell testers, you need to set this and current every time you install new cells to test.
6. My VP4+ has ran continuously since I bought it new in December 2020...yeah...5 months of continuous use or at least plugged in and powered up.

This thread is really about the MCM...
I have found the development team for the software and joined their ranks! I have not done much of value yet. I'll be pulling out my MCM soon, adding 16 universal bays to it and then doing a lot of testing with pre-prod firmware and software. I plan to mount it to a piece of plywood which I will screw to my wall so it's out of the way and yet easy to access. The other cell testers will get mounted there too...

Yea yo, this charger is a scam.

Straight-up dogshit build quality. I guarantee they make them for $15-30 tops.
And it doesn't actually work.

I've never been able to test my cells consistently with these chargers.

I have 3 chargers that I modified to have better springs and contacts but still, every cycle only targets 0-6 cells max. I can never get more than 6 cells to charge or discharge at the same time.

And I'm using a single Megacell charger per 40A psu.

Yes, I've contacted Alex but for him, this isn't a problem. Because for most people the inaccuracy is fine :))) ?????? not like you're advertising a professional tool...

He also told me that it's inaccurate on repurposed cells, and wants me to use brand-new cells.... BRO this charger is advertised for repurposed cells!!! This is actually a scam!

I've also tried getting community support on the Facebook group chat but that just lead to more dead ends.

Fair warning to anyone interested in buying..

Ps. If you're located in North America and want a Megacell Charger. Hit me up!

I tried it on 16 brand new Panasonic cells and the results were either all 16 failed or capacities were all over the place.
Test the same 16 cells again and you will get new test capacities.
These chargers are pretty bad...totally agree!


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