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MicroAmp-Meter based on Dave,s design (Designing A Better Multimeter)

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--- Quote from: David Hess on May 11, 2023, 02:24:15 pm ---I lost interest after I found no noise or drift specifications.  Is the included filtering because of noisy loads or because of inherent noise?  There is no way to evaluate the useful resolution.

--- End quote ---
No issue you can change your mind anytime. But thank you for the tip. That information should be present over there. I would try to add it ASAP.

Since fonts were discussed earlier: May I suggest that you move away from the typewriter-style (monospaced serif) font for the smaller text? For some reason, that style has become a hallmark of cheap Chinese products, and you probably don't want that association. Also, especially with smaller text, the serifs do not help readability. A sans-serif, variable width font would be preferred in my view.


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