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MicroAmp-Meter based on Dave,s design (Designing A Better Multimeter)

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Hello everyone!

My name is Farzan and I'm a developer at Bosch Kft in Hungary.

We have developed MicroAmp-Meter which is a current measurement tool featuring auto-ranging, Wi-Fi current profiling, SD card logging options, and more. It is a portable current meter that can record and profile the current consumption of devices in real time.
The shunt-switching topology is based on David Jones's design  :)  EEVblog #929 - Designing A Better Multimeter.

We're raising funding through Kickstarter at an affordable price, please take a look at our Kickstarter project below!

Looks good.
So USB power and DUT power are completely separate?
What are the voltage in/out connectors, JST?
What is the reason voltage in is limited to 9V?

Thank you for the nice feedback.

USB is for charging only so yes, USB power and DUT power are completely separate. The current consumption is measured through Voltage IN/OUT connectors.

Voltage IN and OUT connectors are 2.0mm JST connectors for attaching Power Supply and Load separately. It is designed in such a so way that people can attach their product battery directly to the MicroAmp-Meter for field testing (almost all batteries have 2.0mm JST connectors).

The product is designed to measure the current consumption of embedded devices especially targeting the IoT sector which normally operates at 5V or less. So in the design phase, we were thinking to make it up to 5V. But then we realize that some people also use 2s batteries in their IoT products, which is why we have increased the voltage limit range up to 9V. Another reason is that some sensors operate at more than 5v e.g. The minimum operating voltage for the popular ultrasonic chip PGA460 is 6V.

How come Kickstarter says "DANALOGX Inc London, UK" but you're in Budapest?

What ballpark cost are we looking at for this?

This is because Hungary is not a listed country for Kickstarter. So we registered a company and we will launch it from the UK.
The launch price on Kickstarter is 80 pounds. Please subscribe to our Kickstarter campaign
Thank You.


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