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Nominal Animal:

--- Quote from: abeyer on March 18, 2024, 12:43:43 am ---
--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on March 17, 2024, 06:07:24 am ---Using a pseudonym helps with that, because it reminds one that others do not react to your person, but to your output.  For some personality types like mine, this is very important.
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I'm of mixed feelings on this... I get that it's helpful to you, and many others, but there also seem to be plenty of people who just take the opportunity to treat it as a "disposable" identity where they can say things they shouldn't and wouldn't otherwise, because they don't fear any permanent/IRL repercussions.

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True: that is the negative side.

Similar issue exists in real life too, when people see others as part of a business or machinery instead of people, and/or rely on anonymity to shield them from repercussions, when they do stuff they'd never do to people they know.  This shows up even statistically: in urban environments, certain types of crimes like theft increases superlinearly –– more thefts per person –– as the population size increases (source).

In my own case, and most others who I believe use pseudonyms in a similar, shall we say 'positive' way, are heavily invested in them; they are definitely not disposable.  Perhaps not as permanent as ones legal name, but definitely not disposable.  For me, it is the identifier for my output I want to use long-term.  For example, I've had my own matching .net domain for over a decade, in the hopes that someday, I would be ready to put some of the stuff I've created there for others to use and learn from.  As of mid-March 2024, after doing some quick web searches, all occurrences of 'Nominal Animal' as a username or pseudonym I could find, do all refer to myself.  Or specifically my own output, rather.

I bet this would be a very interesting research subject for someone interested in psychology/anthropology/history, because we can see the same in most creative industries across history, especially with performing artists.  I suppose it is how 'brand names' originated, too.

There is a reason people like to live in the countryside or villages. The only reason most don't is the price or the inconvenience as services are more limited and it's more isolating. But it's that isolation (low numbers of people) that bring people together.

We had no moderation at the start on here, or rather no official moderation. Some of us and I was one would wade into the rare arguments and try to get the two parties to be amicable as users. Yes it got harder as an official moderator as we stopped being that cozy community and were much bigger, the anonymity factor kicked in and the official establishment to hate come into being. I miss the days of it being a few hundred users and no moderators. We actively tried to get along as we all knew each other in the much smaller community that we were.


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