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Mini Power Station - Low cost Solution for all projects

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I would like to share with you my Kickstarter project that I launched.
Also, you will find all technical details here:
It is a power station supplied by USB-C, battery, power bank or USB and can provide 5 output independent voltages with a high current to 1.5A. It suits all levels of Electronics learners and prototypers
It is a decent solution for training centres and universities to implement hands-on online teaching without buying multi expensive power supplies. It also suits Electronics for Kids kits as it is safe not dealing with high voltages (120V,230V) like standard power supplies.
This Kickstarter project came to enable learners, hobbyists, universities and colleges to easy access reliable solutions for their projects and learning. I would be happy to see such a product in the market and get backers. 5X lower cost than competitive market products with high current, multi outputs (+ve, -ve) and compatibility options.

Nice. I particularly like the idea of the extension board to convert this to a generic PSU. In fact, I liked it enough to go for an earlybird pledge, but on selecting that (which includes the PSU, screwdrivers and extension) I actually end up with just the PSU and screwdrivers, no extension. At time of writing there were supposed to be 7 earlybirds left, so surely I should have got one? Anyway, I chose not to continue at that point.

Can you let me know why you did not continue ?

Because the extension board that was supposed to be included with the early bird pledge turned out to be an additional item when I actually placed the pledge. I thought I'd accidentally chosen the standard pledge so cancelled and went back to do it all again, making sure there were still available early birds and that I clicked the right button. Same result so I gave up.

I think there is confusion, we have 2 early deals. One with a charger and one without a charger. They both have the extension board as default with the screw and main board ... You pay for the set and contains it ... You can order whatever you want and I will confirm to you that it would be included without extra charge.
There are extra addon, for those who wants more extensions or boards or screws. I hope this is clear


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