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Originally posted in the Microcontroller forum but moved to here :)

Here is a link to my Kickstarter that is currently active:

It is a small, Arduino-compatible module with the goal of giving people easy access into designing their own custom PCB's without the need for soldering intricate components.

Feel free to make any comments/ask any questions on here - I will be replying quickly!

Duplicate thread.

Nice project and interested on that IoT kit.

Where I can refer the schematics? couldn't find it in the repo and what are those .tar files?

and one generic doubt was how can I de-solder this castellated module safely once soldered to the PCB?

Nice project. We will also have a Kickstarter on 11.01.2021 with  our ProBUDDY Kits. Would you like to share some tricks and do's and don'ts on Kickstarter campaigns?


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